Sunday, March 29, 2009


AL - EAST - Rays
CENTRAL - White Sox
WEST - Angels
Wild Card - Yankees
ALDS - Rays v. White Sox, Yankees v. Angels
ALCS - Rays v. Yankees
AL Champions - Rays

NL - East - Phillies
Central - Cardinals
West - Diamondbacks
Wild Card - Cubs
NLDS - Phillies v. Cubs, Cards v. D'Backs
NLCS - Cubs v. Cards
NL Champions - Cards

World Series - Cards v. Rays
W.S. Champs - Cards


  1. The Cubs/Cards can't meet in the NLDS.

  2. how do you think that Boston wont make the postseason? i also dont agree with the rays winning the AL east again, let alone the AL

  3. I thought that they might because Wild Card v. the team with the best record (cards) but I forgot that two teams cant play each other in the first round from the same division in the NLDS.

    And I dont think Boston will make the playoffs. They are going to be a great team, but the Yankees and Rays are going to have a better offense and they also have better pitching. Its very close between them, but I am sticking with my picks

  4. The second choice in your recent poll concerning Rick Ankiel is "Try to resign him" which means "Try to get him to quit". The correct phrase would be "Try to re-sign him". That hyphen is VERY important in this particular word.

  5. Haha ok thanks. Sorry for the error, but I think everybody knew what I was talking about.